fishing stove

My top 8 fishing stovesSo what makes a good fishing stove? Well for me it’s compactness, how quickly it can boil the kettle and how economical it is on the gas […]

Ridgemonkey sandwich toaster

Ridge monkey sandwich toaster reviewWe spend hundreds of pounds on feeding the fish but seem to neglect our own feeding requirements!The ridgemonkey sandwich toaster completely changes that. My own cooking […]

Night Fishing

Fishing at night top tips.Night fishing is fairly common amongst carp anglers and is hugely enjoyable. It does, however, take your angling to a whole new level! 80% of my […]

Korda Boom

Korda Boom Review.The rig I’ve made so far with the Korda boom is a rig called the Ronnie rig which I think  also has a few other names. It involves […]


Ridge Monkey ReviewsThe ridgemonkey brand is well known amongst anglers these days. The range seems to make life easier on the bank. It’s a range I have full confidence in […]

Best Carp Line

Welcome to best carp line review. So what does make a good carp fishing line.​A good carp fishing line needs to be good for casting, have good abrasion resistance, fast […]

Best Big Pit Reels Review

Welcome to best big pit reels review.Originally used by sea anglers, big pit reels have come onto the carp fishing scene, becoming more popular as specimen carp reels.Now becoming a […]

Deeper Fish Finder Review

Welcome to deeper pro plus fish finder review and using the deeper pro plus sonar for feature finding I’ve been using the deeper pro plus fish finder for a few […]