Carp fishing tips – Reviews on all things fishing


Fishing for carp can be an extremely enjoyable experience for the entire family. For those of you who are a little more serious about your carp fishing, these carp fishing tips have been put together to help improve your game. Using these tips, you can make more efficient casts, bait your line more efficiently, fish during the right seasons and in the right place. They are perfect for beginning fishers and experienced casters alike. Read the following carp fishing tips carefully and apply them on the water.

Do your best to locate the carp before you begin fishing.

Knowing where the fish is and where to cast are two incredibly important components in carp fishing. If you do either of them incorrectly, you may go home with a big old blank! During the winter, the water is cold and the carp will move less. This means that they aren’t likely to swim to your bait if you cast too far away. This is somewhat different during the summer, but locating the carp is still essential.

During the hot summer months, the carp are more likely to travel to areas of water where the oxygen is more abundant. The warmer water allows the carp to move around more frequently which requires more physical energy. This all requires more oxygen and this may take president over the water temperature.

The carp also need extra food to supply this demand for more energy. That is why your carp fishing tips encourage you to locate areas where there is plenty of oxygen and add a food source into the mix. The fish may also visit areas where natural food sources are located. Otherwise, they may migrate to where they receive the most angler’s bait on a consistent basis.

Because of the new oxygen requirements, carp are known to follow strong winds. If you choose to fish in the face of the wind, you will be in for a big surprise. These are typically the best areas to locate carp during the hot, summer months. This is not true if there is already a big pressure from other anglers. This additional pressure can push the carp away into remote areas where you might not be able to find them without the right equipment.

Mix some salt into the carp bait.

Any professional carp angler will tell you that carp love the taste of salt. Mix salt into their dry bait. Try about a peanut size of salt, not an entire handful! The carp will come more frequently to the bait and you will have more success each time you cast.

Cast more often in the winter

Because of the cold temperature, the carp move less during the winter. This means that you have to put more effort into locating them during the winter and cast more often. The carp will not likely swim too far to reach your bait. Each time you cast, if you don’t cast directly above them, you may be unsuccessful. During the summer, however, you can set traps.