Fishing Bedchair Reviews

Bedchairs are a necessary piece of kit for any angler doing overnight sessions. being comfortable while waiting for that dream fish of a lifetime to come along!

These are my top bedchairs based on comfort and value for money

Cyprinus Memory Foam fishing bed chair

This Cyprinus memory foam bedchair offers very good value for money with the added benefit of having memory foam, which seems to be the norm now with mattresses at home. It’s not the lightest bedchair on the market but one that very much does the job for comfort and value for money.

The detachable Memory Foam mattress is designed for ultimate comfort that helps to reduce problems caused by other bedchair mattresses. If you suffer from a bad back this is the bed for you as the new memory foam mattress supports your back, It offers a more even weight distribution, meaning a more relaxed and comfortable sleep.Made from a mix of aluminum and steel tubing, providing strength and lightness in all the right places. Around the memory foam mattress is the extra padded outer bed.



  • Highest Grade Aerospace Materials.
  • Memory Foam Detachable Mattress.
  • Unique padded outer mattress.
  • 6 x Easy Lock Adjustable Legs.
  • Rapid Folding Mechanism.
  • Extra rigid frame technology.
  • Memory Foam Thickness 5cm
  • Rated to 200kg


Nash Indulgence Wideboy.

The Nash indulgence series of bedchairs have many different options and price ranges, this one here is a good balance between comfort and value for money. Nash launched the Mk 2 Air Frame Sleep Systems, quickly to become the carp world’s top seller and acknowledged as the ultimate fishing bedchair. So it seemed logical to us to strip the duvets off and offer as a bedchair option. Air Beds were born. The first truly all season bed chair, Air Beds should not be confused with traditional bedchairs. Use in conjunction with the new patented Air Bed Conversion Bag or Air Frame Accessories and you can now enjoy optimum warmth in winter, as well as comfortable nights, sleep on the most humid of nights. Available in both 3 and 4 leg format in Standard and Wide Boy there is an Air Bed to suit everyone.

  • Strengthened oval cellular frame. For correct body alignment and support. Lay flat frame with head section. Fast fit elastic loops around the Air Bed skirts
  • Incline through leg adjustment. Mesh Base provides air flow comfort. Removable deep pile bedchair-reviews-nashfoam. Air Shroud and Air Shield Underlay
  • Hollow fibre insulated mattress. One touch adjustable legs with fold flat mud feet. 
  • Compatible with Nash sleeping bags. Which can be left in place for storage. Compatible with Indulgence Air Frame Pillow. Secure Indulgence Air Shroud and Air Frame Pillow


Fox Flatliter Mk 2 System

The Fox flatliner mk2 range of bedchairs come in two sizes the standard size 214cm long by 87cm wide, min height 40cm, max height 50cm  which is the same as the mk1 and a smaller size for the angler that likes to sleep under a smaller bivvy/shelter that size is 200cm long by 80cm wide, max height 45cm, min height 35cm.

In addition to adding a Compact to the range, they have also implemented a number of other key changes that add to the improved ‘comfort factor’. First up the supplied sleeping bag has changed dramatically, with a new improved hollow fill that not only aids warmth but is also softer and allows the bag to sculpt around your body, very much like your quilt at home would.

The lining of the bag has also been tweaked so that the top half is now fleece, which again aids warmth and also feels much softer against your body and face. The bottom half remains polyester, which means you don’t stick to the bag when you move around in the night. Another handy feature of the new bag design is a much larger, padded internal zip baffle, which ensures the warmth is kept inside and the cold kept outside. The bag is rated as a 3-season.

A further significant improvement is a way that this new bag attaches to the bed itself. Previously it attached to the underside of the bed with Velcro strips, however, we had reports from some users that they felt slightly too constricted within the bag, so we, therefore, changed the design so that the bag now zips to the size of the mattress. This means that there is much more ‘give’ in the bag giving you much more usable space inside. We have also upgraded the mattress on the bed itself, so it is a firmer, high-density foam that again makes the bed even more comfortable to lay on.

As with the original Flatliter design the MK2’s feature a flat frame to mimic the design of your bed at home. They also feature the dual hinges that enable you to fold the bed up with the supplied sleeping bag still attached, and thanks to the new tension strap design (straps on both sides that go around the frame rather than over mattress) it is now possible to fold it far more compact than previously. Further features that have continued from the original Flatliter include the single legs at both ends to aid stability whilst keeping weight to a minimum and a lumbar support to prevent mattress sagging.

Further featuresbedchair-reviews-fox-flatliner
• Twist-Lok leg adjustment
• Mud feet with pegging holes
• Heavy duty dual crash zips

13.3kg – Standard including sleeping bag
12.6kg – Compact including sleeping bag





The trakker RLX flat 6 fishing bedchair will fold completely with a winter bag stored inside, it features a super lightweight flatbed, It’s quick to use simply unclip and unfold without having to turn a cam lock handwheel so it makes it very quick to set up.

  • Super-lightweight flatbed with sleeping bag storage option
  • Completely level bed profile for a perfect night’s sleepbedchair-reviews-trakker
  • Incredibly light; weight reduced further by removal of handwheel
  • Super-quick to use; simply unclip and unfold
  • Will fold down comfortably with a winter sleeping bag stored inside
  • Freestanding in closed position
  • Ergonomically-designed mattress for optimum comfort
  • Six-leg design with individually adjustable legs for maximum stability



The Avid Benchmark gets my best buy because of the features and value for money ♥

The Avid bedchair features to models the benchmark and the benchmark X Both feature a two reinforced steel throw-hinges that allow you to pack your sleeping bag away inside the bed which helps in the set up and pack down times and also storage, they also feature a 2″ memory foam mattress which is a must-have for extra comfort. Other features are a both Benchmark series now boast an improved leg mechanism. The Rock Steady system. This adds stability, reduces slipping, rocking and protects a UK-sourced spring mechanism. It’s a massive leap forward

Benchmark & Benchmark X Features Include bedchair-reviews-avid

  • Lumbar Region Support System
  • Removable one-piece Memory Foam Mattress
  • Symmetrical Frame Layout
  • Easy Lock Adjustable Legs
  • Lateral Sleep System Design
  • Rapid Folding Mechanism
  • Easy Open Security Clip and Strap
  • Four Legs for Even Weight Distribution
  • Setting the Benchmark for Comfort