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Best Big Pit Reels Review

best big pit reels

Originally used by sea anglers, big pit reels have come onto the carp fishing scene, becoming more popular as specimen carp reels.

Now becoming a major point for development manufacturers, such as Shimano and Diawa, are actively producing big pit reels. This is alongside many others designs solely for large lake and big pit carp fishing.​

With such a burst in development of reels you have to ask what characteristics big pits reels have that others do not? Also what is the benefit of investing in a big pit?

It mainly comes down to size of the spool capacity. A standard carp fishing reel might spool 120 yards of 10lb line or 140 yards of 8lb line. This is designed to suit and cope with the roles these reels would be expected to play in a fishing situation.

Well, it all comes down to size mainly of the spool capacity. A standard carp fishing reel might spool 120 yards of 10lb line or perhaps 140 metres of 8lb line and this is designed to suit and cope with the roles these reels would have to play in a fishing situation.

A baitrunner reel will usually be able to hold more line than this so it can to cope with the roles it has to play. At the larger end of the spectrum we have pit reels which are designed to hold greater amounts of line, sometimes nearly two or three times more line that a baitrunner spool can hold as an example a Daiwa Windcast bit pit reel can hold 440 metres of 15lb line! Depending on the exact model.


best big pit reels


The other main differences are the size and weight of components around the spool. Manufacturers focus a lot of work on reducing these two elements. This aims to create more compact big pits with lighter main bodies.

It is also important to know that, though these reels are largely used as carp fishing, they don't all have baitrunner systems. Many big pit reels rely on front drag systems to allow runs and to tighten up the clutch when playing the fish.

There are many big pits including Shim​​ano reels that include the baitrunner function built in. Other models that have baitrunner conversions you can purchase to add this function

best big pit reels

As a result of the larger spool capacity, these larger reels are often capable of casting much greater distances than other reel types. In particular they are great for using with a boat. The casting ability on these reels can vary between model and manufacturers.

Adding to this, the angler needs to be a competent caster in order to make the most out of them. As well as providing control over playing fish, these big pit reels also retrieve line at a much faster ratio.

The Daiwa Emblem spod reel for example retrieves over 120cm of line for every crank of the handle, This can be very impressive when spodding out to the horizon. With the ability to quickly and effectively put a carpet of bait over a location in a pit, lake or other venue. As a result of this, many big pits reels, are designed with spodding in mind. A good example is the Emblem .

Daiwa Emblem spod reel

best big pit reels

Best Big Pit Reels Review​

The evolution of pit reels into carp fishing, in general, has led to an increased production rate of these reel types. Many manufactures are developing and producing great examples. The price varying from £45 to several hundreds of pounds. If money is no object and you are going for the ultimate tackle kudos a Daiwa Basia or the Shimano Technium

Daiwa Basia

best big pit reels

Shimano Technium

best big pit carp reels


There are different factors to consider when choosing your reel. The size of the lake you are going to be fishing, and your venues for future fishing may determine which is best for you. It does now seem that big pit reels are the norm. You can also get baby pit reels, which are a good compromise. Also having a reel that is balanced for the carp rod your using is important. Always worth taking your rod down and trying some reels for balance.

Different anglers hold different opinions over who makes the best reels. Many like to stick to a brand and will keep their faith in that brand. Certainly at the peak of prices and performance are some superb Daiwa Basia and Shimano Technium big pit reels.

Shimano Ci4+xtb

best big pit reels review

Daiwa Tournament 5000 ST

best big pit reels

Shimano  14000 XTD

best big pit reels

Other manufacturers also come a long way in producing affordable and budget reels at fantastic prices. There are of course other manufacturers producing quality carp reels that shouldn't be overlooked.

Wychwood Riot

best big pit reels

​Daiwa Crosscast

best carp pit reels


Lets looks at some Mini pit reels

Mini pit reels normally have roughly half the spool capacity of a big pit reel and the main body is smaller. They also have the added benefit of weighing less. If you don't need to cast over 120 yards then a mini big pit reel may be a good choice. They are becoming a lot more popular by many anglers.

Shimano 5500XTD 

best big pit reels

Nash BP-4 Baby Big

best big pit reels

​Daiwa Crosscast

best carp big pit reels

Whatever your choice of big pit reel I hope it serves its purpose well, and rewards you with some stunning fish.

I hope this best big pit reels review has helped you to decide what reel would be best.​