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Best braided fishing line 2021 – Reviewing braid mainline

best braid fishing line

Braided fishing lines are becoming ever more popular with carp anglers. This is especially so when fishing in very weedy lakes where you need direct contact with the fish and zero stretch in the mainline. So which is the best braided fishing lines.

Now there is only one downside to fishing with braid mainline and that is that you have a greater chance of hook pulls. Knocks and rolls have to be absorbed by the rod tip because of no stretch and forgiveness of braid hence a nice soft action rod tip would be ideal when using braided mainline.


When fishing with braid mainline, clipping up becomes a lot more accurate as you know the marker and fishing rods will be at the same distance this is because you don't have the same stretch as mono main lines.


Unlike Mono mainlines, where they are normally underrated with their breaking strain, for example 15lb touchdown will break more at around 18lb, braid mainline in comparison is normally over rated.  For example 30lb braid will break closer to 25lb which is worth considering when choosing your breaking strain when trying to find the best braided fishing lines.

One of the other advantages is the low diameter ratio per breaking strain. A 0.18 braided line can be as strong as up to 80lb. In comparison the same 0.18 mono line would be about 6lb. This makes braided line ideal for casting long distances. This is why we use them for our marker and spod work.​


This table courtesy of http://tacklebox.co.uk shows the tested breaking strain for most braids click for larger imagine

fishing braided mainlines


BERKELEY WHIPLASH braided fishing line

Berkley Whiplash braid line is constructed using a special formula creating a strong and tough and one of the braided fishing line thanks to the use of 100% Micro Dyneema fibres.

The results are a hardwearing and smooth casting braid perfect for many fishing scenarios. The Whiplash is a longtime favourite with anglers around the world, being robust and still with an extremely low diameter constructed using 100% Micro Dyneema fibres. A great fishing mainline for using on fixed spool.

Whiplash can be used for many styles of fishing, whether it’s as a mainline for casting extreme distances or spinning with light lures, Berkley Whiplash is a very versatile braid. which is why it makes this a good choice of braided fishing line.

best braided fishing line
  • Extremely low diameter for the breaking strain 0.10mm 30lb.
  • Berkley have been making braid line for a number of years.
  • Finer diameter than other braids on the market

Korda Apex braid mainline

It casts great and is very tough! Its toughness comes from a Dyneema element which is recognised as the best material for braid out there.

Markers every 150m That make sure the reels are loaded up evenly. Apex is a fairly new braid from korda.  with the Dyneema element this braid mainline will hold up well in the UK, as well as those who travel to the European waters.

braid mainline vs mono mainline
  • Super-tough Dyneema braided main line
  • Line markers every 150m so you know how much is on each reel.
  • Available in 30lb and 50lb with low diameters

Fox Submerge braided fishing line

Following the great success of the colour break technology as used on Edges products such as Camotex, Reflex, Camo Leadcore and Armadillo. Fox have now incorporated the Dark Camo version into their  sinking braided main line.

The Submerge has a nice low diameter and is supple making it a easier to cast. However it still retains excellent abrasion resistance properties making it the perfect material for spooling up with when fishing in snaggy and weedy waters.

The Submerge is available in 25lb 0.16mm and 40lb 0.20mm breaking strains and comes supplied on 300m spools. I'd go for the 40lb..20m as that's a nice low diameter for the breaking strain.

fishing braid main line review
  • Super-tough abrasion resistance braided main line
  • Available in dark camo, 25lb/0.16mm & 40lb/0.20mm on 300m spools

Gardner kinetic braid

A very good quality, 100% Dyneema mainline that is manufactured to a combination of low diameter, high performance and reliability.

Almost no stretch which transmits the most subtle bite indications even at long range. When combined with a flourocarbon leader.

Low visibility dark green. This braided mainline is also well suited to sea anglers that are looking for a good quality braided mainline to use whilst coast fishing

best braided fishing line review
    • 100% Dyneema.
    • Breaking strain is rated at true knot strength
    • Tough & abrasion resistant.
    • UV Resistant.
    • High linear & knot strength.
    • Supplied on 600m spools.
    • Low Viz Dark Green.

Korda SUBbraid line

This is a super-fast-sinking main line braid that is available in a subtle SUB-green colouring and two breaking strains. It attracted plenty of acclaim during the exstensive testing period, with Elliott Gray in particular becoming a big fan.

Also from its exellent sinking properties, SUBbraid has zero stretch, which means that feeling for the drop becomes even more of a breeze. The braid transmits all the  lake bed details back to the rod on the drop, then back to you. and when pulled back, allowing you to clip up to a spot without having to use marker the marker rod.

If you find yourself in an unfamiliar swim, then being able to feel for that critical drop with absolute assurance is such an advantage! braid is best used with a leader of some description, to protect the flanks of our precious captures. This can be the fluorocarbon. which also gives a little buffer during the fight.

best braid mainline review
  • comes in spools holding 450m or 1200m
  • Available in 15lb and 20lb which is low for braid
  • could do with high breaking strain for the diameter. compared to other brands.

SpiderWire flouro braided line

The combination of Gore Performance Fibres and PE create a unique line that casts extremely well.

Test data has shown this combination can maximises casting distance and outcasts 100% PE. with its maximised density, this line sinks as well as  fluorocarbon, without compromising strength and diameter.

PF proprietary process gives this hybrid Fluoro braid a strength and low diameter in the same ratio to standard braided fishing line.

braid main line reviews
  • excellent casting properties due to the make up of the braid
  • On the tackle test the 20lb does break at 19lb which is one of the closer ratios.
  • Dyneema fibres.
  • Low visibility ideal for fresh and saltwater

Spectra Extreme Braided mainline

This braided mainline is more of a budget braid, however i've found it to be fine for my spod and marker work. with the 30lb and the korda 50lb braid shockleader. I've even used it with my Deeper pro plus. I don't know how well it would perform as a mainline. but worth including here if you are looking for a value for money braided fishing line. dyneema braid.

best braid mainline review
      • Super Strong Braided Fishing Line
      • Near zero stretch,great sensitivity
      • Tough and round to prevent diggin-in on reel Ultra sensitive with near zero
      • Superior abrasion resistance