Bivvy reviews

Bivvy reviews

when  choosing a  bivvy, the main criteria are cost, weight, size. (not always in that order) other factors are very important. which is why i put together this quick bivvy reviews guide

Longevity, you want it to give you many years of use. Also does the bivvy have rear vents, rod straps front and rear. How well it stands up to heavy rain and very windy conditions.

Hydrostatic head (Hydrostatic Head is the measure of how water resistant your bivvy material is. It measures how tall a column of water the fabric can hold before water starts to seep through the weave. A Hydrostatic Head of 5000mm means that a bivvy fabric could hold a column of water that is 5000mm tall) so a higher HH rating is better, which also helps the breathability.

so now we know what to look for when buying a bivvy here are my tops bivvy reviews


Trakker Tempest V2 Bivvy System

Fist up on the bivvy review is the trakker tempest V2 bivvy has a  revolutionary patented block design enables the Tempest to be erected rapidly with the minimum of effort. This is extremly helpful when setting up in them wet days. It has an ingenious footprint, which maximises internal space for the session angler, without it taking up unnecessary room in the swim. Construction is from our Aquatexx® material, which continues to lead the way in waterproof and breathable bivvy fabrics. Front mozzie panels and rear vents provide much-needed ventilation throughout the warmer months. The Tempest’s front can be fully zipped out, plus the sides can be pegged out further apart, creating a much lower bivvy profile. The Tempest… ‘the calm before, during and after the storm’

  • Ultra-strong, revolutionary-designed one-man shelter
  • Freestanding design allows quick and efficient positioningbivvy reviews
  • Patented design allows quick assembly and pack down
  • Spacious interior without a huge footprint
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet
  • Heavy-duty T-pegs
  • Upgraded aluminium frame with black finish powder-coated
  • Anti-twist poles and block
  • Fully removable infill panel with heavy-duty zip
  • Zipped and Velcro mozzie rear vents and front windows
  • Zipped NXG carrybag
Chub Vizor Lite Bivvy

Second up on the bivvy reviews is the Chub Vizor Lite Bivvy. Coming it at only 11.2kg including groundsheet and pegs this bivvy is lightweight. With only two rib section, it makes it quick to erect and also because of the two rib design leaves bags of room for your bedchair to be pushed to the back which leaves stacks of room for all your essential kit. The material is the very well proven climatex which has a very high hydrostatic head rating, also the chub vizor lite  has the abbility to be able to open and close the rear vent from inside, which is very handy if there is suddenly heavy rain during the night, you don’t have to leave the bivvy or even get out your bedchair to close it!

This bivvy gets my rating because of the lightness which is a factor if you want to try and stay mobile.

Also worth considering an  Overwrap/Winter skin for the Chub Vizor lite Bivvy to help keep the condensation down in them colder months

Key Features

bivvy reviews

  • Enhanced shaping for increased floor space
  • Utilising a split pole design to allow for bigger bedchairs
  • Unique four point single tension strap
  • Unique waterproof ‘back draft’ ventilation
  • Ability to open back panel from the inside
  • Removable ‘zip out’ front panel
  • Door has both Mozzi and clear options
  • Letter box style door capability
  • Mozzi mesh side panels
  • Full door overwrap available
  • CHUB’s exclusive Climatex material very good HH rating 10,000
  • Includes heavy duty groundsheet, T-pegs and carrybag.

 Cyprinus Base “Head Quarters” Bivvy

The Cyprinus HW gets my best buy because of the features and value for money♥

Third up on the bivvy reviews is the Cyprinus base HQ is based on a very well known bivvy that would cost a lot more! it features rear vents, front and rear rod supports and also a very good 10,000 HH hydro-tech fabric, it only weighs 7.5kg which is one of the lightest bivvys out there (plus pegs and groundsheet totaling approx. 3kg)  it has a very good size footprint, plenty of room for a bedchair and essential kit.


bivvy reviews

  • 10,000mm Hydro static head
  • Available in one-man and two-man versions
  • 100% Waterproof Hydro-tec fabric
  • Super strong poles, with a new powder coating finish
  • Zipped and Velcroed mozzie back vents and front windows
  • Interlocking frame-support system
  • Front and rear rod straps
  • Clear window
  • Dual-zipped doors, allowing you to create a letterbox opening
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet and T-pegs
  • Zipped heavy duty carrybag
  • ONE-MAN W263cm x D230cm x H130cm
  • TWO MAN W305cm x D250cm x H140cm
  • ONE-MAN 7.5kg (plus pegs and groundsheet totalling approx. 3kg)



Fox Royale Classic Bivvy

Forth up in the bivvy reviews is the Fox Royal Classic Bivvy Featuring a two rib, pram-hood design that also features a porch for extra protection from the elements. It comes supplied with full frame support and also has adjustable tension straps on the side. Front rods supports. You will also find mozzy mesh panels on the front of the shelter to aid air flow and keep annoying bugs out in the summer months and it is also supplied with a heavy duty groundsheet and PVA clear panel for the front door, which features the same 2 way ‘barn door’ system as our other popular bivvies. The front of the Royale Classic can be rolled up to create an open fronted shelter should you wish also.

There is an overwrap available separately for the Royale Classic to create a twin-skinned effect for use in the colder months

EATURES:bivvy reviews
• Full frame support supplied
• Adjustable tension straps on both sides
• Mozzy mesh panel on the front panels and door for air flow
• PVC door option also supplied
• Two way letterbox style door
• Front can be rolled up to create an open fronted shelter
• Two rod straps on front of shelter
• Heavy duty pegs supplied
• Made from a hard wearing, breathable Polyester fabric with Hydrostatic head rating of 2000mm
• Supplied in oversized carry bag
• Overwrap available separately
• Main outer fabric 100% Polyester


Fifth up in the bivvy reviews is the EVOQUE encapsulates all features of the original 1 man pram hood bivvy dome with new manufacturing technics keeping the old faithful crisp and fresh with a new bivvy reviewsaddition of a peaked front, it features two pegging heights, for if the ground isn’t very level. This bivvy is 5000 Hydrostatic head.front rod straps on the peak.

  • 5000 Hydrostatic head and 210D OXFORD nylon. 100% Waterproof.
  • 210D PU coated cover with green taping. Peaked front of bivvy. Mozzi mesh panels.
  • Two way double zip barn style door. Fully tape sealed. Bar Stitching at stress points.
  • Two pegging heights. Groundsheet skirt. Supplied with Heavy duty pegs. Strong heavy duty 3 rib frame

I hope this little bivvy reviews has helped on what to look out for when buying a bivvy. Also check out Bivvy accessories from Ridgemonkey