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Carp fishing video reviews

Here is a collection of carp fishing videos that I highly recommend. These include the underwater series and some older dvd’,s from all the different personalities in fishing.

I hope these videos, which contain great content, will do the same for you as they have me and will inspire you to get out on the bank. These DVD’s also make a great stocking filler for Christmas!

carp fishing videos
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My first of carp fishing videos is the Korda underwater series of which I have all eight dvd’s. What I have found is they are worth going back to watch and always inspire me to get back out on the bank!

 Watching the underwater series has opened my eyes and has got me excited about carp fishing again.

 Understanding how carp react to bait and how much bait is in the swim has changed the way I fish. Also seeing the type of rigs and the different coloured hook baits used provides interesting viewing.

It amazed me when seeing the fish underwater while waiting for that rod to rip off and watching how many times they seemed to get away with it, eg mugged you off! I think if we had underwater cameras in our swims we’d be up all night watching them.

My next choice is this old but relevant video

Fishing for beginners with Julian Cundiff. This is an old DVD, however, Julian Cundiff is a very accomplished Angler

carp fishing videos
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Here’s a video of Julian showing how to tie the multi-rig in great detail.

Korda Thinking Tackle Series Collection

This is a fantastic series with guest anglers from all around the country, at a lot of different venues, which makes it one of my favorite DVD series.

carp fishing viedos
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