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Korda Boom Review – How to make the spinner rig

korda boom fluorocarbon hook link

Korda boom ronnie rig 

The rig I've made so far with the Korda boom is a rig called the Ronnie rig which I think  also has a few other names. It involves using the Korda boom material and a size 8 quick link swivel, which you then thread the hook around the quick link swivel.

korda boom hooklink
 korda boom fluorocarbon hook link

I then use the fat part of an anti-tangle sleeve to cover the quick link crook, so the hook can't slide off.  Also, the crook of the quick link is then covered which is protection for the fish's mouth and also stops the net getting caught on the quick link.

At the other end I just do a nice decent size loop using the Korda Krimp which then makes it nice and neat. I also use a small piece of anti-tangle sleeve just to cover the quick link at the bottom of the loop to stop the hook link sliding off.

fluorocarbon hooklink material

The Nash fang twister, once steamed, sits nice and straight. I found after the material has been in the water for 24 hours it definitely needs steaming again but that can be said for most hook link materials.

With what hooks to use with this rig, I've made them with the Nash fang twister and the Korda Krank. I'm not sure which one I prefer yet as I'm still using both see which one works best.

THE MATERIAL I USE TO BUILD THE ronnie rig also known as the spinner rig

korda boom

So the materials I use for this rig are 25lb Korda boom and a small piece of anti-tangle sleeve. The putty I use is the Nash cling-on as I've found that it is the best putty I've used. You can use a micro swivel on the hook or a bore screw with a hook bead. It really is a simple rig to tie when using the Krimp tool, with 0.6 crimps. I've not actually used any knots on this material.

When testing the material in the edge you can see how nicely the material pushes away from the lead. Even if you drop the lead and the hook link quite close together the hook link pushes away, which is nice.

This gives you confidence because then you know you are always fishing, and not tangled up (which is my worst nightmare!). Wondering whether the hook link is all tangled up so you're not actually fishing at all. This is especially the case if you are doing quite a long cast.

Korda boom knot

When not using crimps you want to be able to use a knot with korda boom so which knot is best? Figure 8 knot works ok however the Perfection Loop does a better job if not using crimps.

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