Korda masterclass 5

Korda masterclass 5

Korda masterclass 5

The new Korda masterclass volume 5 is soon to be released on Sunday 21 January, and I’m looking forward to seeing it. I wanted to see what the episodes would be just to get an idea of the type of fishing they will be doing in the new masterclass series. With Danny, Tom, Spooner, and Pecky.

The chapters for masterclass volume 5 are.

Approaching a new water

This is something that’s always a minefield to understand when you don’t know the water, do you go on local knowledge or try something new that’s not the norm on the lake. Watching the lake and let the carp tell you where to fish, is one of the main tips from Danny for fishing a new lake.

No privileges day ticket fishing

What that means is no pre baiting has been done, Darrel just turns up n to the lake just like you or I would. So just finding the fish and the right spots that the fish have been feeding on is the key.

Spinner/Ronnie rig

The Spinner/Ronnie rig recently has been on the forefront of Tom’s fishing he explains why he likes the rig and goes into details why he thinks it works so well.

Back to basics

This chapter in Korda masterclass 5 is a beginners section which sometimes you can easily forget the basic that you learned many years ago. With tips on equipment and spooling up a reel for the first time. Also playing fish you land what you hook rather than losing it from hook pulls.

Deep lakes

This is all about fishing a very deep lakes which is something different so will be good to see how they approach fishing a complex that very deep and what methods they use that will help when fishing such a lake.

Here’s a preview of the Korda masterclass volume 5