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Korda Masterclass Volume 6

Korda masterclass volume 6

The long awaited Korda Masterclass 6 is due to be realsed in the next few weeks once they are released i will upload the videos.

So what will be in the new masterclass 6 series here’s a look at the chapters.

Chapter one

Chapter One sees Danny taking an in-depth look at his approach to tackling weedy lakes, a type of fishing which many people find daunting as they don’t really know where to start when faced with a water full of the green stuff!

He goes into detail about the tackle he uses, how to locate the fish and get a bite from them, and then how to land anything that you’ve hooked, and by the end of it you should have complete confidence that you can go onto any weedy lake and know how to go about targeting it.

Chapter two

We always hear how top anglers only catch the fish that they do because they get preferential treatment – which is of course a load of rubbish! – and to debunk that, carp catching machine Darrell Peck engages on another ‘No Privileges’ chapter at a day ticket water, where he turns up and fishes it in the same way as any other paying customer would do.

This year Darrell heads up to Baden Hall Fishery, in Staffordshire, and over the course of three different sessions he sets about trying to catch one of the big fish which reside in this popular water. During the course of these trips he shows you exactly how he is fishing, and the thinking behind it, and covers both fishing on the deck and up in the water, as the weather conditions dictate.

Chapter three

With Neil Spooner – and his protégé AJ, who appeared on Masterclass 5 – will definitely appeal to those of you who are newer to the sport, but also includes the odd little gem that will help even the most experienced amongst you.

Spring is a great time of year to catch carp as they begin to wake up and before they have been hammered by other anglers, so Neil and AJ travel to a day ticket lake, where AJ will have to master super-accurate casting, as well as dealing with playing fish in situations where he could lose them in the snags.

Chapter four

AJ also appears in Chapter four, where Korda Koach, Rob Burgess, takes him under his wing in another ‘Back to Basix’ section and shows him how to get the best out of solid PVA bags in a variety of different situations.

This is definitely an under-used tactic as so many anglers can’t be bothered with the hassle of having to tie them, especially when the first cast may not land exactly where you want it and you have to repeat the process. But you would be missing out as they can be incredibly effective, and Rob goes through all aspects of fishing them – from rigs, to bag mixes, loosefeeding over the top of bags, and getting them to go where you want them to on the cast and then knowing what type of bottom you have landed on. Basically, anything involving the use of solid bags is covered here!

Chapter five

The final chapter follows Ali Hamidi as he sets about tackling several different waters across the UK which vary greatly in terms of their stock and topographical make-up, yet he sets out to show that you don’t need to over-complicate things, and that the same rigs and baits will work pretty much wherever you take them, as long as you manage to find the fish!

This chapter came about as a result of the numerous questions that Ali receives every day via social media, and he wanted to show that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you turn up at a new venue.