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Korda Masterclass 7

So the long awaited Korda Masterclass 7 has been released this week.

With four chapters, from fishing at a German syndicate, to helping a new angler fishing for 48hrs, with what tactics to use. check them out below.

Chapter 1 Summer Carp Fishing

Danny Fairbrass and Darrell Peck tackle a beautiful German syndicate fishing water in the height of Summer. With temperatures hitting high 31 degrees their tactics to target carp in both open water and close to snags will add numerous edges to any anglers armoury. Danny Fairbrass stays put and works one central swim, whilst Darrell Peck does his thing and chases the fish around.

Chapter 2 Spring Carp Fishing

Join carp angler Tom Dove during his first few session on a prestigious midlands syndicate water as he pursues clear water ‘black as your hat’ carp to mid-forties. Location, spot finding and selecting where in the water column to fish an adjustable zig, and where gives him the best chance are Tom’s speciality. Learn about adjustable zigs, spring baits, goo and the “wormy zig”. If you fish in the Spring and follow Tom’s guidelines you will get more bites.

Chapter 3 Four Seasons One Water

Korda Koach Rob Burgess shows how to catch carp all year round. Never before have we followed an angler on one lake over the course of four seasons (one year). Korda Koach Robert Burgess knows the venue (Todber Manor Fisheries) like the back of his hand and skilfully extracts fish whatever the weather on a multitude of tactics. This will open your eyes to the behaviour of the carp as the year unfolds, and is an absolute must for anyone fishing the same lake all the way through.

Chapter 4 Day Ticket 48 hours Carp Fishing

Back to Basix with Korda Koach Rob Burgess showing beginner carp angler AJ how to approach 48 hours fishing on a day ticket lake. Korda Koach Rob Burgess and professional novice AJ tackle Billy’s lake on the Embryo Norton Disney Complex. AJ has to put in maximum effort using new and unfamiliar tactics to get amongst the fish, but when he does the results are electric. Employing previously unused rigs and baits, this is a must for anyone tackling busy, highly stocked lakes in the UK and Europe.