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Korda Thinking Tackle Series 10

New thinking tackle series 10

Series ten!  This very popular series sees Korda anglers visiting a number of lakes and delving into the technical side of fishing.  This includes everything from watercraft to end tackle.

I have been a fan of the Thinking Tackle series over the years.  In many respects, it has helped me improve my fishing.  Now its back with an online series making more accessible than ever before!

Whether you are new to angling or fish every weekend there is something for everyone in this series.

Once each video is online I will share them on here

You may have already seen some of the previous Thinking Tackle on Discovery Channel.  Knowing how popular the series has been, Korda felt that it was time to do a new series.  This time with an online version so anglers worldwide can watch. The new series, which launches May 6th is promising not to disappoint with action-packed episodes.  These are set to provide more of the same hints and tips on how to improve your angling, including how to tie all the latest rigs.

Korda Boss Danny Fairbrass is joined by The Machine Darrell Peck.  This is at Phil’s lake which is one of Embryo anglings newest venues in Oxfordshire. As they go about catching some Oxfordshire carp. With the odd surprise thrown in! They show exactly how they tackle each venue in detail during the spring. On the first Sunday of each month, the new episode will be released.  This covers real-time angling from May 6th to October.

Danny Fairbrass says:

“So, the new Thinking Tackle centres around the ‘story’ of two or more anglers going fishing together, there is time to show the beauty of the setting and really get to share in the ‘experience’ of being there. Capturing how it ‘felt’ to succeed or fail was an essential element of this new series, and you see our anglers at their highest and lowest points.”

“At the same time, we are able to go into much greater detail regarding rigs and baits, which is, without doubt, the most popular request from viewers of the old series – they love the technical bits and often rewind them, again and again, to copy the tactics exactly!”

Why Korda have chosen online viewing

“We have moved away from TV stations because we were always restricted on how much detail we could give. I could say I was using a hook with a wide gape, but could not say I was using a Wide Gape hook, because that is a product name, crazy huh! So, by launching it on YouTube and Korda. we can say and show whatever we like. I know from feedback that anglers want to know exactly how we fish and this enables us to show everything in minute detail.”

“It also allows us to release the films worldwide at the same moment, and also subtitle them into the most popular European languages as well. So, it will air at 7 pm UK time and 8 pm Central European time on the first Sunday of each month from May to October, starting May 6.”

“It also means that all the future series, plus the last three seasons aired on Sky, will be held in a Thinking Tackle ‘hub’ on YouTube and Korda in HD, so you can go back and review all the recent shows whenever you like. Either on your TV, computer or smartphone.”

“We shot all six shows last year so that we could release them at exactly the same time of year they were shot – so the tackle and tactics you see in the shows can immediately be applied to your own fishing now!”

Episode 1

In this first episode Darrell The Machine Peck  and Danny tackle a new water in Oxfordshire, using their very best high attract hook baits and pop-up rigs, they say you could literally turn off the show, get your kit together and cast those same hook baits and rigs out the next morning and be fishing as effectively as they are!

Thinking tackle Episode 2/3

The infamous Simon Scott fishes with his old friend Mark Bryant in episodes two and three.  They first visit the lake where Simon started his fishing. With fish older than Simon himself, you may even get to see one of these beauties on the bank!

Next, to a lake in the North of England known for its vast depths.  This time the pair are chasing carp that have come from Simon’s own fish farm.

Thinking tackle Episode 4 Part 1

In a two-part episode see a trip to France to fish at the 70 acres ‘Trois Isles’.  This brings together 15 anglers from within the Korda European sales team ranging from six countries.  With this much angling knowledge, be sure not to miss out on viewing these episodes.

You can’t afford to miss out on the banked 70lb common along with other very notable catches.  This episode is full of tactic sharing which results in some exciting catches!

Thinking tackle Episode 4 Part 2

Thinking tackle Episode 5

This episode introduces new Korda guests Katie Watkinson and Loz East.  Along with Danny Fairbrass, they swap secrets to learn from each other during a session that sees a lake record caught.