Lightweight Fishing Chairs Review 2023

lightweight fishing chair
lightweight carp  fishing chair

When looking for a lightweight fishing chair you want something comfortable, obviously lightweight, and well-made so it won't fall apart after a few seasons of fishing.

They can come in all shapes and sizes, from extra large sofa-style to the other end of the spectrum where you could just sit on a bucket!

For me, I want something comfortable but also small enough to fit under my bedchair and also small enough that I can sit on while in the bivvy if the heavens open.

Comfort and size

There is nothing worse than sitting on your bedchair and ending up with a bad back! Even with a bed chair buddy, they aren't very comfortable for me.

With so many manufacturers now putting more emphasis on smaller lighter let's take a look at the latest available.

I've used a few different ones over the years from big and bulky fox stalker chairs to small and low chub hi-low.

I think between the two there is a good compromise. Weight saving is a big part of fishing for me, being able to quickly pack away and move swim if needed and not having to do multiple barrow loads will save time.

The lightweight chairs I'm reviewing will offer value for money, be light, and comfortable, and be well-built with decent support and good mud feet.

lightweight fishing chair comparison table

Fox warrior compact fishing chair.

fishing chair


Sonik SKS fishing chair.

lightweight carp chair


JRC Stealth chair.

lightweight angling chair


Chub RS plus comfy chair.

carp fishing chair


Fox R2 Camo Chair.

carp lightweight fishing chair


Daiwa Mission Specialist Chair.

lightweight carp fishing chair


Avid Carp Transit Super Low Chair.

lightweight fishing chair


Fox warrior compact fishing chair.

carp fishing chair

One of Fox's best-selling of all time, the Warrior compact armchair has comfortable armrests. I have to say armrests are important as I find without them just aren't that comfortable when sat in them for long periods.

A padded cover and adjustable front legs are also important so you can have the front a bit higher.

This makes it a bit more comfy I think, making it perfect for both long and short sessions alike.

The weight of the chair is 4.8kg so not too heavy, it folds nice and flat so can be stored under your bedchair.

  • Natural green colours.
  • Comfortable arm rests.
  • Padded cover.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Adjustable front legs.
  • Weight: 4.8kg.

  • Sonik SKS fishing chair.

    lightweight carp chair

    The Sonik SKS is a good choice for shorter sessions where traveling light is essential but is also very comfortable for longer sessions.

    It's a chair I have and I'm very pleased with it. Nice and light it folds down nice and flat so stores under my bedchair nicely.

    It also has decent-sized mud feet that swivel nicely and all four feet are adjustable. It's made from hard-wearing 500D polyester and also has a soft neoprene head pillow, the legs are made from strong steel & aluminum frame to provide great rigidity and support.

    The fixed backrest has been set to offer maximum comfort. The material dries very quickly the times it's got wet which is a bonus. It weighs 5.5kg so not the lightest of the bunch here.

  • Made from hard wearing 500D polyester material.
  • Soft neoprene head pillow.
  • Swivel and fold shaped mud feet.
  • Strong Steel & Aluminium tubes.
  • Excellent rigidity and support.
  • Weight 5.5kg

  • JRC Stealth hair.

    lightweight carp chair

    JRC Stealth X-Lo The JRC is super lightweight and compact, it uses a 6061 Aerospace grade aluminum frame to keep the weight down.

    It uses a rear leg design for easy adapting uneven surfaces, with that design it does make the chair a lot lighter.

    It has armrests with soft EVA covers for extra comfort, with extra thick padded 600D polyester cover, fully adjustable front legs with nice size swivel, and foldable mud feet. It's one of the lightest chairs out there at a nice low 3.1kg.

  • Super light weight and compact stealth design.
  • 6061 Aerospace grade aluminium frame.
  • Clever rear leg design for easy adapting uneven surfaces.
  • Arm rests with Japanese EVA covers for improved comfort.
  • Ergonomic designed extra thick padded 600D polyester cover.
  • Fully adjustable front legs with oversized swivel and fold mud feet.
  • Weight: 3.1kg.

  • Chub RS plus comfy chair.

    carp fishing chair

    The Chub RS Plus Comfy uses a steel frame. This does make sure it's robust however it means it's a little heavier than it could be if it used an aluminum frame, but then it does an impressive weight-bearing capacity.

    It tips the scales at 5.5kg, so on average about the same as most chairs this size.

    It is ultra-easy to transport to and from the bank. The legs are all adjustable, with decent-sized mud feet which makes it nice and sturdy over uneven ground.

    The mattress offers some nice cushioning too. Thankfully long gone are the days of numb bums unless you sitting on a bucket instead!

    Chub does say the chair is ideal for the angler with back problems. I do suffer from lower back issues now and then, and I find most decent chairs now offer good lower back support.

  • Aluminium arm rests.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Swivel mud feet.
  • Extra padded mattress design.
  • Leg locking pins.
  • Weight: 5.5kg.

  • Fox R2 Camo Chair.

    carp lightweight fishing chair

    In the R series of camouflaged chairs, there are three different models. The first of these is a small and low-lying R1 which doesn't have arms, and then the R3 which is large and tall. So the R2 is a good compromise for the 3 that they do in the range.

    The R2 lightweight is a hard-wearing steel frame design that uses high-density foam which does make it one of the comfiest out there.

    This seat does have a cam wheel which means it does recline, however, that does bring the weight of the chair up a little due to the extra gubbins to 7kg.

    For me, that's a little on the heavy side, but if you want a small reclining chair then the extra 1.5kg over the average weight of this size might be worth it.

    All 4 legs are adjustable to make sure it sits nice and level. If you like the camo look then this is the chair for you. it does look rather nice I have to say.

  • High-density foam mattress with Micro Fleece.
  • Extra padding in top section of back for added comfort.
  • Four fully adjustable legs with large swivelling mud feet.
  • Fox Camo polyester outer trim.
  • Leg Lock frame for added stability.
  • Adjustable back settings via Cam wheel.
  • Hardwearing steel frame.
  • weight 7kg

  • Daiwa Mission Specialist Chair.

    lightweight carp fishing chair

    The Daiwa mission is a very similar design to the Sonik SKS, a rather simple design only weighing 5kg so half a kilo lighter than the SKS.

    It has adjustable mud feet front and back which is always nice to have even though I very rarely need to adjust the back feet. The arm design is the same as the SKS which is sturdy and does the job. It folds nicely down so can slide under your bedchair.

  • Lightweight chair.
  • Low profile design.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Mud feet.
  • Arm rests.
  • Weight 5.0kg.

  • Avid Carp Transit Super Low Chair.

    lightweight fishing chair

    The Avid super low fishing chair is very light at only 3.3kg. It's been designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, obviously, there aren't any mud feet to adjust and if the swim you fishing isn't very flat then this might not work.

    It does have arms which is why I've added it here. I prefer arms on a chair rather than the importance of adjustable feet. After all, it is only 3.3kg and does pack down to a very small footprint which makes it easy to store.

  • Lightweight, compact chair.
  • Complements the Avid range.
  • Complete with its own carry-bag.
  • Perfect product for the serious fisherman.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • Unique fold away system provides easy storage.
  • Weight 3.3kg.