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Night fishing tips that make landing fish a little easier

NGT night fishing light

Night fishing is fairly common amongst carp anglers and is hugely enjoyable. It does, however, take your angling to a whole new level! 80% of my fish seem to be caught at night. Some lakes are different and ‘bite time’ can vary but carp do seem to like a munch in the early hours!

Being woken up suddenly at 3am by your high pitched Delkim receiver with its flashing lights, making your bivvy look like a disco tech, is an experience many carp anglers fondly talk about. That moment when you know your tactics have paid off and a fish has taken your bait. It’s also that moment where you are half asleep and feeling like you’ve drunk half a bottle of whiskey and even getting a pair of shoes on is a task that can be impossible. This is clearly evident from the amount of anglers I’ve seen who come running out of their bivvies bare footed!

Being prepared for that night catch can make the experience one that you talk about for years to come. Here are a few hints and tips for fishing overnight.

Baiting up for night fishing.

Baiting up does depend on the venue your fishing. If your on a heavily stocked lake then some baiting up at night between catches will be a benefit. So plan where you'll need to cast too during the night with some good distance features a tall tree always works for me, even if the tall tree isn't exactly the spot you need you can still use it. just remember how far left of right you need to be.  The main thing is being clipped up for the right distance.

Distance sticks or marker elastic.

Using marker sticks makes this a lot easier. If you don't have much room for marker sticks then marker elastic can work OK. But it does mean casting somewhere else in the swim then finding where the elastic is on the line.

Taking photos at night.

Taking photos at night can be an ordeal. the key is trying to be organised in advanced. Set up your landing mat during the day with the right background where you'd like the night photo. A good background like a tree of even just a bush will help the flash have something to light up and feed a bit more light on to you rather than being wasted in to a dark abyss!


Having a good head torch is extremely important and more importantly having it close to hand so you can grab it on your way out of your bivvy! I always make sure everything is nearby before I get in to my bag.

I've used many different head torches over the years, some cheap and some a bit more expensive.


ESP Storm Head torch

night fishing

I've been using the ESP storm head torch for a few months now, and used it a lot over the winter. It's a very durable head torch.

One of the nice features are the 3 red LEDs 6 lumens.  The muted and focuses white light 10 lumens. And the brighter and wider white 80 lumens light. This covers every type of light you need. Also the on and off button isn't one that can easily be turned on accidentally in the tackle bag! Battery life has been good I've not need to change the 3x AAA batteries yet.  This head torch comes with duracell batteries.

The Coleman CHT 10 led is another good night fishing head torch.

It features 10 LED's ​which has bright and low mode with the bright mode up to 100 Lumens.  With 5 different modes from extra bright, high, med, low and red. With a run time of up to 7 hours on high and 26 hours on low setting.

They also state the beam distance of 54 metres on high, and 28 metres on low.

It also include 3x AAA batteries.

Coleman CHT 10 LED

night carp fishing

NGT combination kit

fishing at night

This kit by NGT looks good value for money which is why I have added it here. It comes with a light that looks very similar to the ridgemonkey bivvy lite.

The NGT comes with a head torch and bivvy light which seems to double up as a power bank so can also change your smart phone. The new ridgemonkey bivvy lite does the same.

The head torch is a 19 LED with 4 functions. It will need 3x AAA batterys as they aren't included with the NGT.

The new ridgemonkey VRH300 USB head torch is a great piece of kit, and with the rechargable funtion you will never be without a working head torch, as long as you have a USB power bank.

​With a brightness of between 20 Lumens and up to 200 Lumens, that will be plenty of light for them very dark nights! There is also a 5 beam option including red. It has a capacity of 2000 mah and a claimed 90 hrs use depending on the settings you use. It has a 4 hour charge time.

Ridgemonkey VRH300

night fishing head torch

Energizer VisionHD

fishing at night

You can't have a head torch review without including the good old faithful Energizer! This was the first head torch I bought and I still have one in my tackle bag now!

The only downside to the energizer was they were too easy to turn on in the tackle bag.  The easy solution was to remove one of the batteries!

This version comes with 3 white LED's and 2 red LED's with a max power of 300 Lumens.

Also included are the 3x AAA batteries.​


I have to say these do make life a lot easier for when your woken up in the early hours and it's dark. No messing about with trying to put your boots on!

​Here are my top 5 footwear that you can get on your feet quick sharp!

These bivvy slippers from TFG are a nice piece of kit, easy to put on a real nice grippy sole and waterproof, what more could you want!

TFG Bivvy slippers

bivvy slippers for night fishing

Dirt boot neoprene

night fishing

Dirt boot neoprene bivvy shoes. These look the part and have a very good looking grippy sole to them.

They claim these neoprene slip on shoes will keep your feet warm and dry whilst fishing in winter and cool in summer due to the cotton lining and full neoprene and natural rubber construction!

The Navitas bivvy shoes claim that you won't want to take them off again as they are that comfortable! They are a nice looking design even for wearing about the house! 

Dirt boot wellington

night fishing tips

These are just like the other dirt boot however they are just a bit more of a boot for them days when the ground is just a bit muddy!

They have 5mm neoprene so they will keep your feet nice and dry even in the most wet conditions.​

You can't have a best bivvy shoes without having crocs on the list. I use mine mainly in the summer, and they are perfect to just slip on. You can also get inserts for some extra warm which work really well.