Ridgemonkey Review


The ridgemoney brand is well know amongst anglers these days. The range makes life easier on the bank. From cooking to being able to see! It's a range I have full confidence in and certainly wouldn't be without the ridge monkey products I use.

Ridge monkey Bivvy light

Now available in three different specifications.

Original Lite Duo

bivvy lite duo

Lite Duo IR

modular lite duo IR

Multi Lite Duo IR

bivvy light duo IR

Firstly, their original bivvy light, and more recently the duo IR with which has the addition of remote control.
I have tried many light sources over the years. Being a winter angler a bivvy light is a necessity.

The ridge monkey has a built-in magnet which allows you to place it anywhere in your bivvy with the metal strip placed on the outside.

The bivvy light has four light settings which are full white, dim white, full red and dim red.  The longest lasting being the dim white which gives approximately an amazing 110 to 120hrs of light which is fantastic for a good few session on the bank. These lights also have the option of being able to charge it on the bank with a USB power source.

So whether you are tying rigs, cooking or reading your favourite magazine this light caters for all needs.


Battery charge is via USB charger so for those of us that take an additional power bank when fishing you'll never be without light source. I think the most useful time the ridgemonkey bivvy light is needed is that night-time capture.
Placed on the outside of your bivvy, the full white light can provide sufficient extra light that your camera will pick up a much better night photo with extra light always a good thing if you are lucky enough to catch a PB!

This is a fantastic light with the additional feature of the remote control. I have to say being in you bag when the weather is cold and being able to turn the light on and off from the comfort of bedchair is a must have during those cold winter nights, or if your lazy like me during the summer too!


Ridgemonkey are always trying to be innovative with the addition of the version 3 called Multi-lite Duo IR, with the additional features of being water resistant and having a power indicator so you know how much charge is left. Being the tackle tart that I am I also have the ridge monkey case, which I think is worth having to protect the ridge monkey in your tackle bag.

Original Lite Duo

bivvy lite duo

Lite Duo IR

modular lite duo IR

Multi-Lite Duo IR

bivvy light duo IR


Capacity is an amazing 52,000 mA which will charge an iPhone 6 between 16 and 18 times and around 13 to 16 charges for a samsung galaxy S6 phone. It also boasts being able to run a portable DVD player for up to 24 hours.

It has a 12V cigarette style socket and two 5V USB ports. So with that capacity you should never be without power on the bank. For them longer sessions and if you wanted to take a laptop it would be able to power that as well. It's roughly the size of an A5 book and weighs roughly about 1.2 kg.

ridgemonkey power vault power supply


Ridgemonkey's flagship product is of course the sandwich toaster. This comes in two sizes and has revolutionised my cooking on the bank, no more pot noodles for me!
I personally only use the extra-large deep fill version as I think it gives you a lot more choice for cooking.

The smaller one is about the same size as a slice of bread ideal for toasty and small snacks.
The extra large sandwich toaster does really allow you to take Bankside meals to a whole new level.
Steak and chips, stir-frys, curries and omelettes to name just a few.
There is a YouTube channel dedicated to ridge monkey cooking which has recipes, with full tutorials for you to try.
If, like me, you are a winter angler you will fully understand the need for a good hot food on the bank. This is an absolute must have once you have one, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

ridge monkey sandwich toaster

Take a look at some recipes for the ridgemonkey XL Sandwich toaster


I have to admit, this is not product that I own but I can see the attraction. The hours I have spent crushing boilies for various baiting tactics, would have been saved with this gadget!
It effectively produces boilie crumb which can be used in your spod mix, PVA bags, ground bait.

From what I've seen it seems to work bit like a paper shredder, it is however operated manually so it is far safer! It boasts being able to munch through a kilo of boilies in less than a minute.


The ridge monkey action station is a great modular system that allows you to have all your rig making items to hand with the addition of being able to clamp the station to a chair or to the peak of your bivvy,or anywhere else that is convenient, with the added benefit of it being fully waterproof.



This has been redesigned for 2016 featuring multiple tiered compartments, with a shower proof top layer so you don't have to worry about your boilies getting soaked during a shower. Also there is a new integral boilie caddy which is great for when you are using the throwing stick as it just clips around your waist so you always have boilies to hand.

ridgemonkey boilie system


The great thing about carbon fibre throwing stick is that it's so light and also extremely strong the Ridgemonkey throwing stick is a lovely piece of kit.The outside of the leading V glides through the air with consummate ease, while the inside provides an ideal channel for the internal air resistance to dissipate effectively.

ridgemonkey throwing stick

Ridgemonkey also do various modular buckets

modula buckets

 I hope you found this useful in some way, if you have any products you want to review on the site or add to the site just let me know.

Also check out ridgemonkey sandwich toaster.