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Winter Carp Fishing

winter carp fishing find some great ideas and tips

winter fishing can be very difficult at times, the fish never seem to be as active or give themselves away like they do in the warmer months, however, I’ve had some great sessions over the winter months, if you find them you’ll catch em!

The key to winter fishing is to be more active, spending a couple hours in a swim at a time to try and locate them, (that’s one of the pluses of winter fishing is you have more of the lake to yourself) use less bait, so just singles with a few freebies over the top and remember in the winter you’re trying to catch them not feed them up!

Short zigs

Short zigs can work really well when winter carp fishing just a 2-foot zigs sometimes are all you need as the fish can just be sat in the lower layers but off the bottom. Try different colours again even more bright than dark


When winter fishing, sweetcorn can be a very good winter bait with the colour that makes it stand out, and what carp doesn’t like sweetcorn!

Fluro coloured hook baits

Fluro  coloured hook baits can work well when winter carp fishing sometimes more than summer fishing due to the fact the fish aren’t actively looking for food this time of year so a stand out hook bait can be a great edge.


Maggots always seem to produce when other baits fail when winter fishing, mainly due to the fact they are tasty to a carp and easy to digest, pinkys in the winter always do better than white for me


A paste that high attracts can also work well when winter carp fishing due to the high leakage of attractant over the time, again if there are carp there you want to entice them with a high attract

PVA bags and liquids

PVA bags filled with high attract liquids can work very well when winter fishing, just make sure they aren’t too oily. Add them with some crushed up bollie to have that extra attract


Now with most people now having smartphones and the introduction of technology with the deeper pro+ fish finder. Why not take advantage when it is hard to find the fish when winter fishing, this could be the difference between finding them and catching them or not finding them and blanking!

I was a little dubious on tech when fishing, however after seeing a deeper pro+ fish finder in action it’s a great addition the armory, like knowing what depths they are when zig fishing, if you knew what depth they are at at the start of your session you’ve got a great chance of catching that winter fish! Also, read up on the deeper fish finder review.

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